Forum Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Forums!

Feel free to begin posting, and please use the ‘Site Suggestions’ area to let us know if you see any problems.

While we will not condone spam or posts meant only to call attention to one’s profile, we would like to point out that posting within the forums is an excellent way to become an active participant in the site community.

Forum posts are displayed in a number of places within the site, so it does give you a chance to let other people know what you are thinking about specific issues.

The rules will be updated regularly as we see what type of problems and requests come in.

Please check the rules regularly as we will be updating them based on what we see happening within the forums.

Breaking the rules may cause:
– Post Deletion
– Thread Deletion
– Account Deletion (Yes, Your Entire Account May Be Deleted)

(Hint: Don’t break the rules!)


Do not post comments that you are ‘looking for sex’ or that you are ‘looking to hook-up’.

Do not create threads just to draw attention to your profile.

Do not use the forums to describe what you are looking for in someone.

Do not promote a business in the forums area.

Do not promote another website in the forums area.

Make sure your Thread/Post is on topic:
-If you create a thread that does not fit within a specific forum category, it will be deleted.
-If you create a post within a thread, that does not comment on, or reply to a comment within the thread, it will be deleted.

(Please note that if we decide to delete one of your posts, we may just decide that it’s easier to delete your entire account…so that all your posts will disappear).

Hint: Don’t make us want to do that.

No phone numbers!
No URL’s!
No email addresses!
No full names!

Do not post personal contact information within the forum (or within your profile).

Do not chat with people within a forum. Stay on-topic.

You should post comments and replies in the forum area, but take off-topic comments to another area, perhaps the chat area, or email.


If you see a post or a thread that is breaking any of the rules, please report it to let us know.

– SPAM (Personal, Profile, Business or Website Promotion)
– Trolling (Argumentative Posts Meant To Bait People)
– Flaming (Personal Attacks)
– Chat Posts (Off-Topic Personal Comments Back & Forth)
– Any Post with Personal Information (Phone #’s, Email, URL’s, etc.)



Please use the CONTACT link listed under HELP in the navigation bar to let us know of any technical problems you encounter.

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