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vanilla , mocha , butter scotch

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Posted:     Post subject: vanilla , mocha , butter scotch

Vanilla , Mocha , Butter scotch

Ok there are 3 girls regular readers ( suprize suprize how any one could read my s--- , but that is part of the reason why it is so s---ty to read ,,, so that only those who have a real ..REAL WANTO ¦.will ATTEMPt to find out that which thye want to find in the words they search for ¦ and struggle themselves with until such time they have ¦¦ STEPEED 1 (removed) things in thier life ,,,, had made them THIONK for themselves ¦¦ and thus search for something that FEELS ..theat resonates ¦.with them )

2 p[retty girls ¦. 2 very very very fashionable girls ,,yet there si something in the ideas of (removed) sure theses chihcks are currently players ,,have fun ..but also these early 20 chicks are thinking are FEELING the urges of the DAN creature they are the girl they are ¦.. (removed) and they FEEL THE ..IN CONGRUIUOS ness of the what they have been PROGRAMED with as a life to live ,,, they have grown up in it ,,they have heard the fighting at HOMe ,,, theirs mothers and fathers the divorces the fighting later on with boyfriends and girls friends their parenst had later ,,then within their own young dating life ,,the HAPPILY EVER AFTER possibility ,,they felt it to BE CONTRRAY TO LOGIC ¦. ( ohh plus the nightmares of girl friends ,,male firnds aeven brothers and sisiters . )

ok now what didi they find ,,they found HUMAN LOVE ..not fairy tales where they will have to always worry about their level of control over the male ,,the forcing him respect his HONOR STATEMENT OF I love you ¦. And be the I LOVE YOU SLAVE ..whihc is anturl for males ,,that is what the silver back gorilla is ¦his life is about the family . same with the combat soldier of humanity the hunter ¦the cave man ,,all felt his place in his service to family ..FAMILY IN TTOTALLITY ¦. Not the greed of EVE .. the 1 and only specialness of greed .

they found a plan where they can live Econimcally ¦. In security so they could move up MASLOWS HIERARCHY OF NEEDS . (removed) in terems of sel;f exp[ression of Carreer of SERVICE beinag able to be MOMMY without having to have the child raised in the INDUSTRY WAREHOUSE OF daycare ¦. Read more expand your POSSILBES LIKE these girls didi with the hints of (removed)
ahh to be the Lawyer like one , the banker/accountant or the teacher health care other ¦the blending of their carreers as full part time expressions of personel art and income producing without the stress of $$$$ for basics because the SILVER BACK GORILLA has provided that ¦you dips--- an the compound ¦. The 3 single family homes so each can EXPRESS their speicalness ,their own design ¦ and home décor ..the back to basics ,that suprizing liy ¦. 2 of these 3 girls have back gorunds in that their moms did some home gardening ,,, on occasion ¦ 2 green thumbs and 1 thumb untested ¦ un trained un experienced .. maybe like yourself young master ,,seeds GROW all by them SELVES ¦ just look at all the green s--- around you they all grew by themselves for lil ----ing seeds ¦

ohh K ¦.. S-- and body ¦. Well first body ¦.. (removed) if you would understand that ,,this QUANUM PYSHICS REALITY we all PASS ¦ PASSS ¦ PASS thru as vibration ¦. Matter is nothing more than vibration ¦ we do not pass thru matter but ..only energy that your senses are DESIGNED not to perceive so that you can ot remember the TAO and enjoy the experience of TIME?SPACE ¦. When you get that , then you get that your energy of thought like the MAGNET ¦ FORE GIVES ¦ giving before ..attracting the assembling with in the AGREEMENT of toa and this eXPECTED agreement of time/space ¦. Like will come to GETHER piece by peience cell by cell atom by atom ,,, like you thin them !

so it is with health ¦.. and well S-- is easy ,,it is part of the DNa design of the body let it happen and it will it is our antural recreation . (removed)

BUT WHERE ARE ¦.YOU! young master ¦. Who do therse girls have to pick from they are able to relocate but to where and meet with WHO ? ¦ a b d s m player with a big farm home where the girl will be forced to live UN NATURALLy ..but fashinalble if they will follow the FASHION of b d s m ¦. Will they just be friends break up their friendship to FOLLOW like sheep the lives of confusion of pain that they have seen and lived so far ¦. WHERE ARE YOU ? why do they have to read me? These people need to have broader choices ¦ to choose from ,more men who have some ----ING GUTS ¦ tobuild it first to STAND UP TO THE PLATE first to PRoVE their themselves do that TOUR OF DUTY ¦. In current human eras like ¦ human kind did when they were aborignall tibes ¦ and you would have to live alone for a year to prove your ablity ¦. POLY GENOUS ¦.. polygamist family was the NORM HUMAN WIDE ¦. In every culture ¦. The support of girl to girl (removed) the book that started me to think .. yes it is full of the poisins of ee yet ,,the sisiterhood it is there ¦ and the effects of EVE are shown ¦.

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former member default image - bird flying away

Posted:     Post subject:

`English must not be your first language.

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