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  • rocketboy

  • I have volunteered for Earth Day and the Green Festival amongst other activities. I also enjoy playing the guitar (still a beginner), Ultimate Frisbee, biking, hiking, and travel. ...
  • 46 years old | Adams Morgan, DC

  • veggieironman

  • Looking for like-minded people My qualities: Personable, confident, strong, caring, honest, playful, assertive, good sense of humor, gets along with everyone /// My beliefs: I'm vegan because it makes sense. I operate on principles of efficiency, self-reliance, and compassion...I am not religious, but I believe in karma because it is based on logical imperatives. I feel that most people in thi... ...
  • 23 years old | Washington, DC

  • besosyabrazos
  • Professor and musician
    Professor and musician I try to recycle and not waste ...
  • 59 years old | Adams Morgan, DC

  • singlenready
  • 33 years old | Bellevue, DC

  • lela23
  • A future for our world
    A future for our world Green is the only way! ...
  • 29 years old | Naylor Gardens, DC

  • anna326
  • Grist-reading environmentalist
    Grist-reading environmentalist I'm an outdoorsy, bookish, adventurous vegan with a great sense of humor. Traveling is a big part of my life, and that's the one area where my carbon footprint could be better, but it's not something I'm willing to give up. Some memorable adventures: celebrating the turn of the millennium in a 12th century castle in Wales, getting stalked by a crack dealer in Nicarag... ...
  • 35 years old | Washington, DC

  • mariposa12
  • 55 years old | Washington, DC

  • tony119
  • 24 years old | Washington, DC

  • maili
  • Cycling Buddhist
    Cycling Buddhist I'm a workaholic but I also keep myself entertained with hobbies like salsa dancing, long distance cycling, collecting world music and playing the piano. I just started playing after deciding that I had to realize my dream now and not later. I'm generally very calm and like my alone time to regenerate, read, meditate or just think about things. However, I also have a pretty good s... ...
  • 32 years old | Washington, DC