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  • androdeas

  • I mostly just wanted to take a look on here. I'm not expecting anything. I'm not super green but I do think nature is worth protecting and that little things matter. I recently returned from New Zealand after travelling for 8 months. I'm staying with family, I don't have a real job yet, I'm completely out of touch with friends and am not really sure how many people I want to get back in touch... ...
  • 25 years old | Canada, Chestermere

  • magnetic1

  • I am interested in the environment and spirituality (not to be confused with religion). I treasure the simple things in life, the stuff that money can't buy. I'm interested in a person's inner qualities, not what they do for a living, what they have, or the numbers in their bank account. I'm down-to-earth, easy-going, non-judgmental, low-maintenance, and non-materialistic. I'm honest, genuine... ...
  • 53 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • britelite
  • Hello to all...
    Hello to all... I am a passionate single woman looking for a friend or possibly more to explore a green lifestyle with. I do live a greener than most life now but am very interested in doing more, learning more and living more (of a green way that is:)). My spiritual beliefs come from nature and the universal energy that drives us all. I live a fairly quiet life but do like to let loose once in a... ...
  • 51 years old | Canada, Abee

  • randar
  • 31 years old | Canada, Abee

  • rickles
  • 37 years old | Canada, Grande Prairie

  • meowvaida
  • 30 years old | Canada, Airdrie

  • macklf
  • 28 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • spring80
  • 33 years old | Canada, Edmonton

  • norman50
  • 51 years old | Canada, Edmonton