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The "facilities" lag behind the materials
The trouble with recycling is that only a small fraction of recyclable materials are actually accepted by recycling centers. Case in point: my local center. Under "cardboard," their website specifies corrugated only, no milk cartons or cereal boxes. Under "plastic," they specify no tubs.

Okay, but I go through a lot of cold cereal and soymilk. I go through a lot of hummus, and so far, I have only ever seen hummus sold in plastic tubs.

In the last town I lived in, I did a little "protest" of sorts: since my apartment complex did not have recyclables pickup, I had to take my recyclables to the recycling center myself. So I would save up hummus tubs until I had a lot of them, then go on the weekend, when the collection bins were unattended. Into the bins would go the tubs -- if they refuse to take perfectly good recyclables, let [i:939be02317]them take the responsibility for sending them to the landfill. I did my part.

Live was I ere I saw evil.
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Water Recycling.....
Okay I am a bit of a nut when it comes to recycling. I have gone as far as to recycle my dishwasher water and my laundry water. I use only plant based detergents in both so pumping the water onto my vegetable garden is no big deal. I have done this by hooking my drain for each into seperate rain barrels and use an electric pump to put it in the garden or on my herbs out back of my house. It didn't take a lot of effort only cutting one small hole in my wall next to my washer and piping it into the top of the rain barrel. The maximum cost was actually the pump that costed $90. Other than that it was pretty cheap and easy.

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