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  • plantergirl
  • 49 years old | Canada, Chesley

  • jonnyeventual

  • love the earth Hey my names jon, im 21 employed as an electrician. im a fairly laid back guy with a very open mind. love the outdoors, the environment, reading, soccer, music, cultures and relaxing with friends. im not very good at these so just ask!:) I want to meet a girl who is down to earth and loves the outdoors, how ever still like gaming? I think im dreaming but you never know. ...
  • 25 years old | Canada, Milton

  • riajeanne

  • I have written some pretty elaborate profiles, huh...this time I am choosing less is best at this point... I am a very nice woman who aspires to daily growth. I leave my comfort zone to do so. My passions are gardening, harvesting and cooking. Oh what a feeling. I teach yoga and operate small guest house. Travel, culture, people are enjoyed hugely. I live a pretty simple but abundant life.Have an... ...
  • 52 years old | Canada, Hawkesbury

  • zzz

  • hey there hmm.... let me know if you feel like chatting ...
  • 45 years old | Canada, Toronto

  • magzaloo

  • Hi Everyone. Thanks for looking me up. The most important thing for me to mention is that I have a sweet and wonderful 7 year old daughter from my previous relationship with a woman which lasted for 12 year. Although we are no longer together as a couple, we remain the best of friend as we co-parent our daughter together. I consider myself bi and am interested in getting to know both men and wom... ...
  • 46 years old | Canada, London

  • offthegridman

  • Loving the outdoors, I am a modest healthy guy that enjoy all the challenges of camping using my survival skills. I enjoy canoeing, kayaking and growing my own vegetable garden being a healthy organic alternative and GMO free. My dream is to build a log cabin in the middle of no man's land to live off the grid and be sustainable to wildlife and fauna around me. I am looking for that special lady w... ...
  • 25 years old | Canada, Ajax

  • ilikethat12
  • Icanseetheforestforthetrees
    Icanseetheforestforthetrees Considered to be easy going,grounded,nature boy,sometimes curious,very open with friends ,and even more so with loved ones.Quite patient ,to very patient ,depending on the circumstance's I have a strong admiration ,to talk or just be with our elderly, for there courage,ability to let the rat race pass them by as they have been there before done that only to be silent... ...
  • 60 years old | Canada, Haliburton

  • anitaaaaa
  • 29 years old | Canada, Markham

  • ptyxis

  • fill this later... ...
  • 51 years old | Canada, Niagara Falls

  • skinfix
  • all is green
    all is green I think there is a lot more consciousness just now, about how to treat the world we live in so as not to harm it and thereby ourselves. Never use artificial chemicals in our garden soil. Minimize your lawn by replacing it with more interesting landscape features. I now keep, besides a bicycle, an electric tricycle for puttering around town. REcycle or compost anything you can, to mini... ...
  • 65 years old | Canada, Orillia