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  • newbie62
  • 50 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • rustle
  • 49 years old | Abbot, Illinois

  • someprimate
  • 62 years old | Glen Ellyn, Illinois

  • chirpcricket
  • It's time to help save the world.
    It's time to help save the world. I need someone in my life who respects Mother Earth and does everything they can to nurture and restore her. ...
  • 66 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • queenb31
  • 34 years old | Abbot, Illinois

  • cadnan
  • Green in Chicago
    Green in Chicago I am a vegan and am focused on reducing waste and not using more resources than I need. I'm hoping to meet others that are interested in taking better care of our planet. ...
  • 26 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • lucifers2
  • 33 years old | Table Grove, Illinois

  • dvogs
  • Love is Green
    Love is Green Trying to look out for the environment in every way I can. ...
  • 27 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • alfrednw
  • 57 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • nekowashu
  • Gone Green
    Gone Green I recently changed my diet and as such have become more aware of food labels. I want to learn all I can about going back to natural living. Reducing dependency on convenience "food," chemical cleaners and reducing the use of non-biodegradables. I'm interested in organic gardening and cooking, reducing my carbon footprint and living a more simple life. ...
  • 31 years old | Chicago, Illinois