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  • steveg46
  • 72 years old | Northbrook, Illinois

  • bisexualmale
  • 74 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • dale79
  • 33 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • darwinist
  • 45 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • 1stofpleasures

  • Minimalist Footprint I can't afford to buy all green products and such, but I can't help but to afford to minimize my impact and footprint in every way I can. ...
  • 27 years old | Batavia, Illinois

  • bubbunonuthin

  • Simple living I am looking for a person who is well rounded and conscientious. Someone who can see that our "corporate-consumer-culture" is a dead end of recycling stress. I am interested in a person who sees life away from this addictive cycle, and lives more in accordance with the natural laws men and women have been governed by for the past 2.5 million years. Life, I think, is a human proc... ...
  • 51 years old | Mokena, Illinois

  • emils

  • Enjoying time together. I'm into raw food, stretching, massage, nature ...
  • 45 years old | Urbana, Illinois

  • lisa91671

  • we are destroying our world The earth, nature, is very important to me. It is sad to me to see what we as humans are doing it her. ...
  • 41 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • hardhatguy

  • Green Builder I am builder with a focus on environmental concerns i.e. saving energy ...
  • 68 years old | Chicago, Illinois