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  • colorblind89
  • 23 years old | All of Illinois

  • countrydreamer1
  • Save The Universe
    Save The Universe Lets work together to save the environment. ...
  • 48 years old | Rural Area, Illinois

  • firebrand13

  • I love the environment and nature, and because of that i try to do my best to reduce my carbon foot print. when i get my masters I would like to go in to something involving marine conservation. ...
  • 27 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • songbird60099
  • 35 years old | All of Illinois

  • jenni1376
  • 36 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • harrison67
  • Ardent Environmentalist
    Ardent Environmentalist I love the environment and am greatly concerned about its destruction. I am committed to lowering my carbon-footprint by not drving, using little electricity, using less and less disposable products, comsuming much less, and so forth. ...
  • 22 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • burntteardrops
  • 25 years old | Chicago, Illinois

  • starrlight
  • 48 years old | Carbondale, Illinois

  • quakermetalhead

  • I believe that every part of the environment is important to the health of the whole planet, and if someone harms any part of it, they harm themselves. I try to do my part by educating others about this, conserving, and being vegetarian. I'm looking mostly for someone who is politically and socially minded. She must care about human rights and the environment. She does not need to be a vegetari... ...
  • 18 years old | Chicago, Illinois