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  • ecm2008

  • old fool Handicapped guy seeking a few good friends... ...
  • 71 years old | Milford, Iowa

  • bighippieguy

  • I like to go for walks out in nature, go camping, collect cool stones, hang out with friends, just chill and watch tv, anything else that ya wanna know please feel free to message me so we can get to know eachother :) ...
  • 24 years old | Abbott, Iowa

  • sagemorgan

  • I'm a very energetic woman. I'm very creative & have quite the imagination. I am very adventurous & spontaneous. I 'm very blunt & straight forward however my honesty can get me into trouble at times. Sometimes there's just no filter there. Most of the people who know me say I am free spirited & corky. I am very artistic minded. When Im feeling negative I channel & create things so its more of a p... ...
  • 29 years old | Quad Cities, Iowa

  • eardan

  • I am a rabid liberal who enjoys reading good books and intelligent conversation. My free time is spent doing volunteer work and helping my friends out. I am not the diplomat, preferring to address people with honesty, forth-rightness, and the truth — no matter how painful. My tastes run more casual, being less concerned about what others think I should be wearing.... ...
  • 49 years old | Dubuque, Iowa

  • evchad
  • Electric Vehicle Networking.
    Electric Vehicle Networking. I'm looking for potential customers, investors, and knowledgeable people interested in electric vehicles. ...
  • 30 years old | Des Moines, Iowa

  • witan
  • 26 years old | Abbott, Iowa

  • positiveroller
  • 43 years old | Des Moines, Iowa

  • faithedove
  • 33 years old | Honey Creek, Iowa

  • squidgit87
  • Your evil twin
    Your evil twin hmmm in kind of an introvert, gamer, anime lover, d20 system fan, concert junky, 420 friendly, idk jack of ll trades... ...
  • 25 years old | Cedar Rapids, Iowa