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  • alexs26
  • 28 years old | Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • juicyrays
  • 58 years old | All of Michigan

  • lekjaz
  • 66 years old | Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • johnniec2

  • Mesozoic gardening I am planting Mesozoic trees where ever I can. They fix carbon nicely, and after we become extinct, they will provide a nice carbon source for the next alpha predator. ...
  • 56 years old | Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • ranko66

  • Self-Sufficinet w/ Runescape I want to one day live self-sufficient with a family or work towards it. Doesn't have to be completely but I want to grow my own food, solar power, have a couple animals, make cheese, and still be able to play Runescape. I am looking for a man who wants the same in life. I don't care about looks I just want someone to share my goals in life with. I want someone wh... ...
  • 27 years old | Fruitport, Michigan

  • classicloner

  • I live on 10 acres in the woods all paid off I grow organic produce. musician and carpenter, electrician, plumber master mechanic long hair 420 1974 vw beetle its all here waiting for you ...
  • 58 years old | Eckerman, Michigan

  • pages2read

  • I like to be "one" with my environment. Passions are reading and dancing. Curious about everything. Enjoy recreational bowling, rollerskating at a rink, tent camping, traveling, and rummage sales. Not a sports fan. Looking for a companion, but open to suggestions. Must treasure literacy as much as I. ...
  • 65 years old | Midland, Michigan

  • michgreen

  • I am very concerned about our environment. I am constantly trying to do what I can to help make the earth a better place. I drive a very efficient car and produce all my electricity for my home using solar panels. I also grow some of my food. I am always trying to get others to be better stewards of our earth. It is important to me to meet someone who is also into helping take care of our planet. ...
  • 53 years old | Rural Area, Michigan

  • marchionissa

  • Gotta live here Interested in elemting my carbon foot print ...
  • 53 years old | Detroit, Michigan

  • jjcool0913

  • Keep green Fresh! I want the earth keep clean as good environment and the grass look nice than dry land, I know in west coast is dry land because its part of environment...I cant do nothing about it. ...
  • 39 years old | Marquette, Michigan