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  • diane844

  • diane844 Took environmental studies recently in school. ...
  • 59 years old | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • werekitty112
  • 28 years old | Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania

  • andyjamal
  • 38 years old | Clairton, Pennsylvania

  • shymeeee

  • I'm gay but I don't want it to define me! I got tired of the American dream that was pushed on most of us since elementary school. The problem is that we all work too hard, and most bluecollar people live under constant, stressful working conditions we all need our jobs pay high mortages/rents, car payments, and a litany of other expenses. Unfortunaely, the new economy is designed to make slaves o... ...
  • 56 years old | Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania

  • iphimedia
  • 44 years old | Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania

  • amaunet

  • 'Open-minded Alien Enthusiast seeks Soul-mate' I may or may not necessarily believe in souls, but I do have hope that there is someone out there I could have complete compatibility with and mutual respect for, as well as eternal love. I'm very empathetic, compassionate, and environmentally conscious(you should be too). I try to pay attention to what goes into my body. In relationships, I am... ...
  • 26 years old | West Chester, Pennsylvania

  • tigerlilly762

  • I believe in saving the environment I believe we need to change our materialistic lifestyles, conserve and recycle and I do. I also support GreenPeace and the Sierra club. ...
  • 64 years old | State College, Pennsylvania

  • lindarma40

  • BBF enviro friendly We all have to learn to share the same resources ...
  • 42 years old | Berwick, Pennsylvania

  • shawerma

  • Just me looking 4 whatever was meant 2 find me. And if it wasn't meant 2 b it won't b so ...
  • 42 years old | Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

  • greenheart777

  • I am new to online dating, will do this later. ...
  • 50 years old | Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania