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  • jenn26

  • just looking for friends to connect with ...
  • 25 years old | Burlington, Vermont

  • allisone2

  • Spiritual Gaia warrior with a big, gentle heart...intuitive, sensitive, smarter than the average GMO eggplant, a little worn and a little tarnished, but still got some shine showing... prefer my footprint to be as small as possible. I am blessed to see and know my Blessings, and express that gratitude regularly. Spiritual practice connects me to the heart of the Universe through sound. Activist an... ...
  • 62 years old | Saxtons River, Vermont

  • alphaomegafire
  • Lesbian Seeking Sanity,Honesty,Depth and intelligence
    Lesbian Seeking Sanity,Honesty,Depth and intelligence SEEKING to SHARE an already rich creative, spiritual, emotional and intellectual existence!!! ABOUT ME: Graceful, soft, reflective, introspective and sensual.. SOMETIMES.. Prone to social political satire.. Poetic in my speaking and writing.. DEEP.. Keenly bright and articulate...spiritually, metaphysically and philosophically "active" and well... ...
  • 60 years old | Rural Area, Vermont

  • girlanachronism
  • Go Green
    Go Green Hippie. All the way. ...
  • 20 years old | All of Vermont

  • tiamet
  • 31 years old | All of Vermont

  • uvegottabkidden
  • Turn the lights off..
    Turn the lights off.. O_o ...
  • 33 years old | All of Vermont

  • snowangel108
  • hmmm
    hmmm was born in Brooklyn grew up in Jersey and have lived in Vermont for 4 years. Its the most beautiful place on earth here, and I try to stop, remember and enjoy all the beautiful nature every day. I am Latvian, and my favorite color is red. Ready to open my heart and get to know the man of my dreams ...
  • 34 years old | All of Vermont

  • sweetnsimple

  • I'm an artist, teacher, creative soul who's looking for a sweet, funny, unusual guy to explore what's next. I love animals, sky, weeds, water. I love to grow plants both inside and out, and cooking and eating them as well. Involved in some social/political actions, union leader, university professor, avid reader. Love discussions about mind, body, spirit, gossip, ideas, science, health, and humor.... ...
  • 62 years old | Burlington, Vermont

  • poisonivy11
  • 28 years old | All of Vermont

  • cvisceral
  • 24 years old | All of Vermont