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  • funkywoodsman
  • From career farmer to home gardener to outdoor nut
    I spent nearly ten years making a living as a field manager for a large produce farm. After leaving the profession for another, I took up home gardening. I spend every chance I get in the mountains or recovering from hikes at the beach. ...
  • 43 years old | Portland, Maine

  • mrbillspins

  • I am looking for whatever is supposed to be next in my life. I am man living in my own home but also living with other members of the community in the home. I am always looking for new connection but am not always sure how to begin the process. ...
  • 52 years old | All of Maine

  • swanman

  • Having a sense of humor is essential for goes on in green passion with or without us. Seriously tho, I am a green party member, own a beautiful farm in cape breton waiting to be cared for, an equally green garden/pond spot near the ocean in Maine, and am seeking someone to enjoy life with in these places as well as other beloved places. I am a retired widowed gentleman with time... ...
  • 65 years old | Brooklin, Maine

  • valleynose
  • 53 years old | Portland, Maine

  • cinnamongrrl82

  • My parents own and run an organic farm, and I've always been interested in the environment. ...
  • 32 years old | Biddeford, Maine

  • ginger7463
  • 49 years old | Portland, Maine

  • jivanmukta7
  • 61 years old | Saco, Maine

  • lilindian63
  • clean
    clean I believe that if there is a way to recycle and save what earth we have left, then let's do it. ...
  • 49 years old | All of Maine

  • tonytiger70
  • 42 years old | South Portland, Maine