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  • pagemariposa
  • I am into conservation, wildlife, and environment
    I am life.I am love. I am the result of millions of years of evolution using only stardust which gives us this miracle called life. I am in awe of the life in other beings, sentient and not. We are all sacred. rnI am looking for someone to join me in being alive and exploring mountains, beaches, valleys, and everywhere we can get to. Hiking, camping, and road trips are a must! R & R is also neces... ...
  • 44 years old | Pittsfield, Massachusetts

  • playfuljaguar
  • Playful, Warm, Creative, Dedicated, Nature-Loving
    Playful, Warm, Creative, Dedicated, Nature-Loving I follow the flow of aliveness, passion, and truth wherever it leads. Dance, nature, play .... Living wisdom is one way I say it. I am the founder of a social network of people catalyzing each other to live from the wisdom within. I also coach and consult with individuals and businesses on living from and creating cultures of wisdom. I run, w... ...
  • 52 years old | Springfield, Massachusetts

  • borntodance

  • Tree huggers unite! I continually strive to live a low-impact lifestyle with respect to the environment. To that end, I live in a passive solar (mostly) house and reduce/reuse/recycle as much as possible. I do what I can. ...
  • 56 years old | Rural Area, Massachusetts

  • sherwood1818

  • Very socially and progressive worldly guy is looking for someone who's a lefty, funny, attractive woman to spend many nice years with. I'm a well educated thinking type and a good listener and helper. Let's face it, everyone's got stuff to deal with. I think I'm good- looking but that's not for me to decide. Traveling is always fun, dogs are a love of mine.(I've had 5 Corgies). I think you've real... ...
  • 62 years old | Northampton, Massachusetts

  • matthew2009

  • Seeking a sustainable relationship I have varied interests & experience in carpentry & design, holistic counseling, expressive therapy & Chinese medicine. I especially enjoy acupressure massage, hiking & the ocean.I am looking for a woman that shares with me the love of a sustainable lifestyle & the passion to put it into action. Also I'm seeking some one to experience the joys of living a healthy... ...
  • 56 years old | Rural Area, Massachusetts

  • brozdin

  • we're ruining the earth Fact is that man's greed is considered more profitable than helping the environment, but if you have no environment to profit from then how will you make a profit? We're all a part of mother nature and it's up to us to keep the balance right. This is a beautiful planet that's not common throughout the galaxy and ruining what we have would be a big mistake. ...
  • 26 years old | Rural Area, Massachusetts

  • sargent2000

  • Live as Green as Possible I live as Green as I possibly can. I recycle, compost, use reuseable shopping bags, and none water polluting cleaning products. ...
  • 42 years old | All of Massachusetts

  • thomual
  • 32 years old | Worcester, Massachusetts

  • downcard11

  • Family first. Love my family and my friends. Close knit with those around me. I'd rather one great friend instead of a thousand iffy ones. I don't like the small talk. Looking for someone real. I live in a small town and enjoy the community and atmosphere, especially after leaving to live in the city for three years. I love being outside. Walking, biking, hiking, camping. Winter too. I ski, and... ...
  • 27 years old | Rural Area, Massachusetts

  • peaceonearth67
  • Environment
    Environment I recycle and make sure I buy energy friendly heaters and fans. I could learn more about helping the environment. ...
  • 33 years old | Waltham, Massachusetts