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  • kryten4213
  • 20 years old | Canada, Vananda

  • shiatsuvibes

  • I am a 41 year old woman who has a 23 acre farm, horses , dogs and cats. My goals are to live passionately, become off the grid and enjoy life instead of being consumed by societies dictation of what life is. I tell corny jokes, use bad pick up lines and believe laughter and knowledge to be two of the most powerful things in the universe. I find this kind of thing strange to type, and am far bette... ...
  • 41 years old | Canada, 9zenic View

  • warmknight4u
  • Huggin' trees can give ya splinters, but, I just..
    Huggin' trees can give ya splinters, but, I just.. Love taking care of Mother Nature. There is getting less and less all the time. The more we protect It, the better we will be. We have done so much damage that cannot be reversed. It has to stop, or we are all going to be without anything. ...
  • 58 years old | Canada, Penticton

  • anolinde
  • Think Green
    Think Green I recycle everyday as much as I possibly can. Eventually I'd love to get into composting too. ...
  • 23 years old | Canada, Vancouver

  • dusty007
  • 73 years old | Canada, Coquitlam

  • wizzlebot
  • 31 years old | Canada, Vancouver

  • lyfonhold
  • 350 ppm
    350 ppm I spent most of my life chasing pucks and racing down bike trails and ski slopes and then-- sidelined by Lyme. After a four-year battle, I am finally starting to get my life back. I'll be coming home to BC at the end of the spring to start a new job with a fantastic Vancouver firm and I cannot wait! I'm also the solo mom of the most cheerful, outgoing, vehicle-obsesses four-year-old on... ...
  • 46 years old | Canada, Vancouver

  • mikael63
  • 63 years old | Canada, Vancouver

  • lillylou
  • looking for like minded friends
    looking for like minded friends Hello, and welcome to my site. I live in a rural town, in a somewhat remote location, though, I do live in a community. I have an alternative type house (recycled tire house) , with a garden on terraces. I recently took a permaculture course and have been attempting to apply this to my growing garden, and increasing my food growth. I work in alternative heath ca... ...
  • 57 years old | Canada, Lillooet