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  • edholmanjr59

  • Mr Right Now Seeks Miss Right Now ...
  • 68 years old | Portland, Oregon

  • nfuego51
  • 51 years old | All of Oregon

  • ditch122
  • 43 years old | Madras, Oregon

  • joymongerjim

  • From green to second tier ... Hiya! I'm almost ready for that sacred relationship we've both been wanting for a while -- just finishing up some preliminary chores now! When it happens, it'll be fun and sweet, stimulating in every way. It'll include gardening and walking wilderness trails, low-budget independent travel in remote (and maybe other) places, singing together (even if we don't know... ...
  • 68 years old | Medford, Oregon

  • dragonsoul

  • My two largest passions are the environment and education. I also love language, animals, and laughter. I recycle (and correct my roommate's recycling) and try to limit my waste. I only buy the best quality dairy products and I have been vegetarian for ten years (with a few mishaps as a child). I am hoping to find like-minded individuals who value sustainable lifestyles and would love help in this... ...
  • 20 years old | Portland, Oregon

  • gkruger

  • Do you believe in the 3 Rs? Of course I'm talking about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. I feel that I am helping the environment by producing as little as possible in garbage, so not to add unecessary material to the all ready over crowded landfill's. For that reason and more... I am proud to call myself evironmentally conscious. ...
  • 61 years old | Acme, Oregon

  • kentuckyrain

  • I love gardening and doing yoga and massage! I love to work around my house and share with the people in my community. I really enjoy the local music scene and local play houses! I'm looking for a lady with similar interests. Someone who enjoys doing good things for others and enjoying the bounty of life. A woman that understands Tantra and is comfortable leading and dancing with our mutual pass... ...
  • 48 years old | Portland, Oregon

  • lynnc69

  • I am a single mom with 2 teenagers, who dreams of a rat race free lifestyle. I have just moved to Oregon. Most of my life has been in the southern USA. I am an avid gardener and love to cook as much homemade healthy food as I can. Right now my focus is on becoming healthier. I have spent too many years living paycheck to paycheck and eating processed foods. Would like a long term relationship even... ...
  • 39 years old | Klamath Falls, Oregon

  • photoop

  • Try to live happily, healthy, and frugally. I believe in recycling and speak of it casually when possible. I eat healthy foods and often shop in thrift stores and garage sales while still dressing fairly well. I also try to live modestly regarding my energy use. ...
  • 60 years old | Acme, Oregon

  • naturallyhappy

  • Looking for winter travel partner to Baja Mexico Easy going, like to travel and enjoy life, easy to talk to. Into organic farming and off grid lifestyle. Note: I am currently in the Hood River, OR. Getting ready for Baja. Want to join me? Let,s talk. Pictures were taken about 6 months ago in Central America. ...
  • 55 years old | Hood River, Oregon