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  • profcarol

  • Carrying on My parents recycled before it was cool. "Waste not want not" was their motto - and mine, too. I live in a super insulated, comfortable green home with solar panels and grow much of my own organic food. Mom and dad would have approved. ...
  • 61 years old | Baxter, Tennessee

  • okdurnik

  • Living with Magic.. A waxing moon.. clouds laced over a pink setting sun & a darkening sky.. OoGook calls.. & I want the moment to last forever.. Tho, if it did, I'd miss the click-whip-poor-will in the summer & the robins in the spring. Oh, well.. Change is good..

    Who am I? Hmm. I am a man, trying to live honestly. My diet is natural/organic/vegetarian. My 'worship' is in the woods, on a m... ...

  • 55 years old | Dodson Branch, Tennessee

  • et13

  • I recycle and keep my small patch of farmland. I do what I can. I recycle whatever I can and reuse until worn out. ...
  • 54 years old | Rural Area, Tennessee

  • loving2all
  • 20 years old | Rural Area, Tennessee

  • bamboonut

  • I am a youthful, friendly, intelligent, truth-seeking, active, sexy guy trapped in a 62-year-old man's body, who is very absorbed in gardening, artistic pursuits, and healthful living. I have an incredible 38 acre paradise with an everlasting spring, surrounded by mountains, with no neighbors in sight. I'm searching for an intelligent, open-minded, energetic woman, who loves country living, to sha... ...
  • 62 years old | Baxter, Tennessee

  • keepitsimple07

  • Seeking simplicity I am looking for a friend, mate and a simpler life, someone who shares my core values. I am a firm believer in vibration and the law of attraction. I'm very creative, a great cook and a hard worker. I am not a survivalist or a doomsday prepper but It is my goal to move off the grid and become more self sufficient. I like gardening and making things rather than always purcha... ...
  • 54 years old | Blountville, Tennessee

  • rdchattanooga

  • Am 4 Gal -- any color of green. Rational. "rd0" Local honey is best. Looking for brainy, strong, Earth-loyal woman or women, depending. Must be fully compatible with a Scientific Pantheist. ...
  • 67 years old | Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • gv2012

  • Dont pass me up Hi, Im an outdoorsy type and do it yourselfer DIY type with a dream of getting off the grid with someone. I am single, no kids. Some activities I enjoy include biking, fishing, hiking. ...
  • 49 years old | Jackson, Tennessee

  • flmkpr

  • ill do this later or just ask;) ...
  • 52 years old | Mountain City, Tennessee

  • cgsarebeast
  • 24 years old | Parrottsville, Tennessee